Τετάρτη 11 Νοεμβρίου 2015

Planet Earth Christ Jesus English Version Theory

This is the so called BEAST (666) !
Theory:(as in its minimal sentence size)
1)THIS PLANET is relative to one MAN.
(or simular kind of life,or general ANTHROPOID)  Please even if 
you don't fully understand-agree, try to spread and give THIS IMAGE

Left click on image to open and Give attention in every detail on the image.
Watch how Africa looks like a human scull looking it from profile !

2)This man  IS CONTINUING to born in his own body 
at some time-frame rate.
(example 1/3600 years or ....1/100 years!
......and when this happens we have phaenomenas like 
Jesus Christ (in+carn+ation))
Athens,November 2015 -HELLAS-
Planet Earth Christ Jesus EnglishVersion Theory
Conclusions : If this is true then take it easy.New Scientific ERA will begin!
(Anthropology , Physics , Biology ...)

Question remarks : But if every planet is connected-relative to a person in some dimensions
then what is the SUN ?
I must CLARIFY to you that when i am talking for some CHRIST
i am NOT using the idea of Christ of ZERO as historical happenings but
i am expessing MOSTLY the TYPE OF LIFE
that DOESNT EXISTS YET on our books ! (of several sciences)

haha! "Theory"...LMAO "Laughing My Ass Off"....ITS A FACT and we must go ON for NEW SCIENTIFIC ERA...believe me!
DISCOVERED !  super-dimension  BODY  of

Minimum knowledges requirements to understand the FACT
  • Basic from most religions on our planet
  • Basic human body anatomy (biology)
Mapping geographic to body areas.(some-ONE s body !...but whom?!!!)
(If you like YOGA but dont understand...ask me!...or think more!.....!)
  • Sea of Marmara-Propontis(NW Turkey) - ANUS (final)
  • SE Turkey (mainland) - PROSTATE
    Remembering that Prostate associates with Testes for SPERM production
  • Sweeden,Norway - PENIS
  • Kaukasus (S.Russia @ Georgia,Azerbaitzan)- NAVEL 
    Remembering Promitheus cousin of Deus...
  • Black sea - RECTUM (sigmoid colon)
  • Caspian sea - ASCENDING COLON
  • Russia -(general)- SOLAR PLEXUS_NEXUS
  • Persia(Iran) - STOMACH
  • India - HEART
  • area S&SE of Taklamacan desert - KIDNEYS                                                       (Remembering material of Nephrites =kidney on hellenic lan-gauge)
  • Australia-LIVER (not sure....but possible)
  • Sakhara desert - BRAIN
  • Lake Viktoria (Nalubaale)(Uganda,Tanzania,Kenya) - EYE
  • Mozambique - MOUTH & NOSE
    Big question for Madagaskar!....
  • North America - LUNG ONE
  • South America -LUNG TWO
  • Mexico to Panama area - DIAPHRAGM
Ok.! .... easy ! ....talking to my self but to you also.

Its very important to understand the difficulty that has-encountering
OUR man kind in his(our) con-scious-ness .
Because we are created to generate IDEAS .
But we, most of us, we know that some ideas going to TRUE and ALL the others to FALSE;!
That is why we want piece .
I am speaking for the existing problem of
promote-bubble-propel the TRUTH(ideas that link to TRUE!)
Imagine this.
In the moment we are about 7 billions in the planet.
What is our, as man kind, system-strategy for promoting TRUTH-S?
So, now you can face the big problem as if you were COMMANDERS.

Any way...I keep going with hope.
One thing about the in-formations (~ideas) is that you must ask your self.
-Is the one that gives me the information  telling me about HISELF ALSO ?
-...or he telling me what he just heared ?
-and .... without his own "processing"?

For this reason ,,, a few lines above wanted to introduce my self a little.
And you may wondered how after my discovery
- (big discovery ...so big that you must carefully and with calm-ness "hear me") -
........how "the fack!?   i "catch" my first readers from youtube.com comments area!
(i used the unappropriate expression"the fack!" here
 because i want to give you a "color of friendship")

Yes...for you that came here by youtube....I fixed a little program with java langauge
that auto clicks and writes over the youtube net system.
(currenly my program has commented 109.371 youtube pages....i know that the bosses of youtube will respect my irregular-ness according to my wheel to spread a TOP INFO...for 2015 that we are now)

And all of this because i have an information that all man kind must have in order to ..... be something that he is created for   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And dont tell me that if my theory is true does not change (for good) the way we think!

But what is my theory?(fact for me but to be gently,..., theory for you ...the readers)

Every theory is like a cross-street system.
If you accepted as HYPOTHESIS then you can(and you must) go on ,down to the ideas-information 'subcatalog',....and if you find a FALSE then you can go again up to your decision
and check the CONDITION again....
That is in the philosophy-mathematics...the strategy of ATOPO (in HELLENIC langauge)

So my theory....is ...i have so many things to tell you....!!!!
And not all of this are TRUE.
I dont know all but i know some to tell you.
But i need to be calm....to decrease the possibility to tell you something wrong.
Because you must remember where we are .
We are in my first post on my blog that wants to explain in ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Its not possible to write here all the things that i thing i must tell you.

And i forgot to introduce my self.!
I speak hellenic-greek language.
I am from Greece, borned 1981, male and i like driving !
(.. and i know also that driving is good but we must have respect for some materials on the planet.)
(But Greece is not the proper name. And the proper is EL-LAS - hellas )
and also my English not only are not good but it costs to me to think and express in english
and not in my mother-language...the HELLENIC LANGUAGE!


8 December 2015

I am still on watching....not much to tell you yet.
This is good!....Teeth signs of the Christ !


13 December 2015

As for the goddess ATHENA daughter of DEUS....
Deus used a HAMMER to born her out of his head.
So before doing this our planet must was about like ....
(without RED SEA !)

17 February 2016

Lets talk a little about the BEAST and the ANTICHRIST.
Have you ever notice the reaction of most children when we told them that some of their action was not good?
They are using the common logic to product a sentence-argument opposite to our advise.
"They" telling us so long for Antichrist and the beast....7 horns....666 etc. blah blah blah.
What can you think about that,,,, now that i gave you some idea for the planet?
First of all if the theory is TRUE(...) then its easy to say that when they say for BEAST
they mean THIS BEAST...the PLANET as HUMANOID that i am describing
in my theory.(humanoid is not best word option but ok....)
So they telling us that the beast wants to make us slaves?
Oh..i forgot...!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine that some microorganism in your body (or spirit) starting to blame you !
Having this in mind when you hear again some people to speak about BEAST.
So...the beast is the planet!
Very well...

Look how nicely my theory fills up SEVERAL HOLES on different kind of informations.
With my theory you can explain a lot.
Why israel is on the specific place of earth?
Why Arabs comes from the specific place of earth?

But lets talk a little for ANTICHRIST!
Yes...the 'poor' humans not only go to church and asking from GOD different kind of stuff.
This can be tolerable.
But the 'poor' not only that...but also they must afraid SOME BEAST
and some ANTICHRIST.
And the worst?
Not only the 'poor' (My grandmother and your grandmother)
Look how all those people that didnt believe in some religion!
Look how easily they are talking about BEAST ,666.
They telling us (not from their own mind ...) that America and Israel is the 666.
They telling us that some hidden families on earth planning 666!
They told us about Obama...or other "Antichrists" according to some PROPHECIES!

Oh....what a waste of time!
Ask your self ...
If my theory is true...and if some time someone can APPROVE to us that he is
What you will do in this case?!
You will go with ANTI-ANTICHRIST?
...or you will go with the ANTICHRIST!?
For sure in such a case we all going to feel strange.

Antichrist....the KING of the KINGS!
Oh ..sorry...this is for CHRIST!
But its kind the same thing!
Christ and Antichrist!

The only difference is this.
Have you ever heared about kings that their officers have so big influence that the
administration is givening by the officers instead of the king!
Maybe...this is the same thing !
Maybe some wants the BEAST to behave in a special manner.
But who wants and what wants and from who wants?

Finally the are saying that the FATHER of the CHRIST is the BIG BOSS.
And now we invoking MUSLIM religion.
So....after those things ...start again to work on what is the several religions..
For those that they dont know HINDU religion i can quickjly tell that
also in HINDU religion we have a BIG CHILD "playing" with our world.

One more thing...about CHRIST
The last Christ came on earth is GREAT ALEXANDER.
Not the one 323 years after his death.
Sorry my fellow Christians... but this is my thought.
Now consider this with the ............KING OF ISRAEL.

Also my fellow MUSLIMS ...why so much love with the MOON?
I am asking because I am thinking this.!->
If my theory is TRUE then
the MOON
(and every other planet ~~~~)(moon is also planet according hellenic langauge)
HAS their reflections too!
But reflections WHERE?
Where is our CONSIOUSNESS?
Where is our BODY?
Ok..leave this...but maybe MUSLIMS know better
WHO ,and not planet , THEY PREFER !.
So much love with the MOON it makes me suspicius...
Sorry my brothers and sisters (from all religions)....but the time is suspicious "itself"!

Sal-Vat-OR ...Dali !!!

And not only those ...crimes but some people wants to burn the body after death!
Be patient.....
I would like to see all those who wants to burn the deads what they will do if their
CELLS start to burn the MATTER!
Anyway....i am not in good MOO-D today!...Maybe MOO-N has the blame for this!
Did you knew that the word NEW in english is about~ JAH+DID in Arabic lan-gauge?!!!!!!
Amazing!...BAB-EL in its great glory !!! (hahahahha)
Is like JAH hiself wants us to understand that HE CREATED "ALL" LAN+GAUGES!
I like etymology....hope you also like!
I hope that you know who JAH is!!!
Ofcource not SELLASIE that many believe!

The Gladiators - Jah Works 



26 February 2016

Do you realize the significant of the fact that the TESTES AREA OF PLANET-CHRIST
has their LAN+GAUGE hellenic ?
We all have heared about the efforts of some bad people to change our dna .
Can you think how they will try to do it?
Is it possible to do it in-directly?
If we are borrowing the dna of our planet then if someone can change the dna of the planet-CHRIST
then our dna will change accordingly.
Also there are so much theories about chem-trails and harp systems.
Can you think a different answer for that?
Can you think that all those are TARGETING to the planet AS PERSON ?
Back again to TESTES.
Testimonies....In hellenic langauge this word is DIA-THIKI
meaning DEUS CASE !

So ,,, the internal language of the planet has been changed.
Heart(India) with Brain(Arabia) can no more communicate.
Testes(Greece) and Langs(Esperia-America) can not more communicate and so on....

I am wondering if there is someone bad on our dimensions or
if all those are being provoked from ... lets say NATURE it self.
We will see!...(i hope).

The one that i am thinking is that if the system is hellenic it self and
is going to step away of the creator...then the system seems
that must be closed in order to NOT TRANSFER THE DIRT OUT OF IT.

Ofcource there is the case that neither BIOLOGY is in the BEGINNING of creation.
We dont know yet what exactly we are so always must have respect to the absolute truth.
And maybe .... fear also !(But not more fear than THINKING!)

Imagine a situation that you have somekind of virus !
If you knew that you will transfer the virus to other healthy organism then the
only solution (sadless) is to break down your system permanently.

I want you to think only this.
That the basic langauge of TESTES is HELLENIC and how many wars
started FROM and TO this area.

Some of you maybe tell that neither hellenic langauge was the first in the area.
You can think what ever you want....but the TRUETH is far away from
our every INSTANT CONTRAST thinking.
(Like children....)


13 March 2016

I have explain a little in a previus post how i felt this theory.
But its difficult to explain in english.
Lets start from this.
To check the theory the following departments (of univercities and minds)
must be invoked AND ASSOCIATE .
-Language and Religions/History professors.
Those are for the start of the checking....

Now...lets explain a little in english ,as much as i can , the theory.

Ok...You all must agree that Afrika is like a scull from profil..
This is fact....
Afrika is like we see a human scull by profil.
So...Or god-nature is playing with us or....its TRUE ...that
some kind of RELATION EX+ISTS !
I think only those 2 solutions can be told about the FACT that
AFRICA is like a human scull by profil.

In this fact (of africa matching scull from profil)
we can add 3 more informations to increase the possibilities.
a)Human Mind has not blood in it and the same happening on Arabia.
Desert Sakhara has not RIVERS (blood cubes) ...
b)Diamonts !...In the south Africa there are plenty of Diamonts.
The south Afrika (Botsuwana etc) as we can see from the image supposed to be
the area of TEETHS (mouth)
The teeths have one material that protects the teeth....
This is the ADAMANTINE....(we call it like this in hellenic language)
ADAMANTINE is kind the same word with DIAmonts...(not the same)
I know that diamonts exists in other places of planet also but i am giving you only some signs.
c)THE EYE according my theory is on the lake Viktoria (Ukerewua i think in local langauge)
Can you see the CITY of KAMBALA there?
Do you feel it stragnge at all?
Anyway...this is not my case here.
The case is that the EYE (lake Viktoria) is in LATITUDE ZERO.
Thats only onother sign....Is it random ?...maybe but..........!??????!??????!??????
Latitude is NOT relative ...is absolute...and defined ZERO in the centre.
Only longitude is relative...to London...

Now....from Google earth we have the following distances
Lake Viktoria - Maputo mozambique =~ 2758 Km (EYE-MOUTH)
Lake Viktoria - Troy / Çanakkale Turkey =~ 4605 Km (EYE-ASS)
Input of food and output of food.
Analogy = 4605 : 2758 =1.669688 =~ Φ (1.61803)
Strange !
One notice about my fellow Greeks.
Notice that word TRO+Y is like verb TRO+O (EAT) and that according to my theory
and to the current scientific archailogical results TROY is in the area of ASS - ANUS !
(Çanakkale Turkey)
Strange !!!!

As you might have understand already my theory is indexing
the RIVERS to ARTERIES and VEINS of the ....Christ-planet.
Can you remember that we drinking WINE as the proposal of Jesus Christ (323 after G.Alexander)
So according to the religion we drink from the blood of the Christ....
Now ,,,match this with the Rivers!
We are drinking water from the RIVERS.
Remember also that in hellenic and HINDU mythology RIVERS are GODS!

In my image-map i am pointing the desert taklamakan as a possible
damage near the HEART-INDIA.
The same thing i am thinking about RED SEA.
Red sea is like a damage over the Head of the Planet.
Is this relative to the stone of GOLIATH?
"David hurls a stone from his sling with all his might and hits Goliath
 in the center of his forehead" !
This is also strange !
Look carefully where is the opening of RED SEA and match the data !
As for a joke....we now are HYDRO-COOLERS now...instead of AIR-COOLERS !!!!
(Some facts are not for joking but anyway......)

Now that we introduced COOLING lets go ahead and try to explain why
in my theory i am indexing TESTES with Greece area !
As you might know the TESTES of MEN are outside of the body because
the production of SPERM needs low temperatures (as the seeds of plants also)

In Greece we have two 'strange schemes areas'
Peloponnese and Chalkidiki.
Look CAREFULLY where are they and their SCHEME

In Chalkidiki we have also the aytonomus Christian area of AGION OROS
that ONLY MEN allowed to access.
Also i ve heared that this area in the past was the opposite.Only WO+MEN were allowed to enter.


Do you know how cooling (example in your Personal Computer ) works?
The material is being bended in order to have more
area that TOUCHES the cooling material .
The cooling material may be AIR or WATER.

Here we are speaking for WATER cooling type
because Peloponnese and Chalkidiki touches the WATER
with the FEET ...

One parenthesis here.
No need to mention the fighting for the gold there!
I am respecting and fear the gold of the planet but to be honest
If the Greeks dont want gold mining then at least they must accept to not use the gold
for jewwels....!!!(notice the etymology of word jew+wels !)
Why some Greeks wants to bye gold and dont want to extract gold from their own country?
So...i am not use gold for nothing(jewels and crosses) and i also dont want gold mining in Chalkidiki
Basically i dont have any gold in my possesion , i dont need it and i dont want my woman to claim gold jewels (or any other type of expensive material jewels !)

Personally i was always have a deep faith that hellenic langauge is far more beyond a simple language that created from humans with the time evolution.
I just have this feeling and i know that many Greek (and not only) believe this.
Anyway...lets go back to TESTES and COOLING !
We noticed that sperm needs low temperatures.
We are noticing also that Peloponnese and Chalkidiki are in such a way that have more
SEA AROUND THEM.....In order to ......cool better maybe?!
The word SOUL in hellenic is relative to COOL.
PSYCHO..... (verb) means i am cooling in hellenic.
Also for my fellow Greeks you can remember TARTARUS and verb TOYRTOYRIZO
that means i am colding !!!!!! (opposite of hell-heat ! hehehehe)

In hellenic mythology we have the SOULS EXIT CENTRE in Acheron
But where is the ENTRANCE ? !
I think is near ΙΟΛΚΟΣ ... about in the middle of Peloponnese and Chalkidiki (2 testes of Christ)

ΙΩ+ΕΛΚΩ means ATTRACTION of Ιώ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Io_%28mythology%29
or attraction of ION https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion

20 March 2016

I need one favor especially for those readers that are used to mess with metaphysics.
(alliens,gods,conspiracy theories etc)
Think like this.
All those years we have heared a lot of staff.
So one more staff is MY THEORY....among all others.
So be carefull !
Try to spread the image...At least all people must see that Africa is like
a human sculb looking it from profile.
Please spread and if you detect that some community rejects easilly the theory...then
......just make your self wonder more (Be suspicius !)
I hope that you got my point.

Also if you read until here spend 10 minutes to read the following posts (its not too many!)
Something usefull might find there also.!

22 March 2016

Before leaving Greece - Testes Area let us remember from mythology
the god URANUS , father of Kronus and grand-father of Deus .
His son ,Kronus, cut his Testes with sickle ! (DRE+PANI)

hm !!!
And what this reminds to us?
Several FLAGS...but i dont want yet
to provoke ........
later !!!

So KRONUS (~Saturn) cut the TESTES of URANUS with a sickle !
According mythology , after that fact ,
Aphrodite was borned by the pieces(or blood) that felt in the sea !

24 April 2016

Afr+odite and Afr+ica
This will be very amazing when we will discover the relation.

Until here i hope you understood a little.
Put your (f)phantasy to work a little.
I want to say a few things about YOGA...
Generally yoga means ~ interconnection.
And we have heard about projections.
So if the planet, as person, on his dimension can communicate
with his incarnation(or her for other planets maybe)  on our/his/her dimension
(like ...Jesus Christ) then we have YOGA....
Or the opposite ...If Christ can communicate with planet as person then again we have connection...

As for the astrologists....
Many things we are used to apply on us...
But can be applied on us or only to the reflection/incarnation of every planet?
The same occurs for YOGA.
Can be applied on us (the common men and women) or its only possible (and effective)
for the every incarnation of every planet in his own body/planet ?

I am going to rest a little as worker....and get some money also ...to live.
I hope that you will spread the image.....and that you will understand more than me .
In case you think/understand something good ......
................please feel free to inform me. (free info exchange!)

REGGAE~Mammy Blue- Circles 

Now lets focus on political and economic situation 
on our planet and .....
.....someone's BODY. (Do you remember BUDDhA  !?!)
Every home has a maximum(up limit) of the persons that can carry.
I always wondering why many people keep saying that there is no limit and that 
the planet can give food to a lot....very lot.
Even communists saying those stupid things...!
(my friends ...the kommunistas ! hehehehe)
...I am kommunist generally with the meaning of the central control.
And the most important now is to find for how much person
this planet can give food .!!!
But dont tell this loud because some anti-conspirasists
will blame us for searching if the planet need a decreasing of population !
They blame Rothchilds,America,Obama,Puttin..etc .but they can not see themselves!
Generally people blame always others...
NOT that i know what Rothchild is....or that i am with him.
I am just an unknown P+ER+SON !
 "Knight Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man
who does not exist."
"Michael Knight: a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."
KNIGHT RIDER: 1982 TV Show Opening Theme Music #1
Custom Knight rider intro 1 - Classic 

Dont hesitate to leave your comment !
It will be a honor for me.

Greetings from Hellas-Greece/Athens

23 June 2016

I am now posting on a YT video elative to Pyr+amids.
And i have only some notice.
First of all PYR (!fire) is the thing that Promitheus gave to us (humans)...according to mythology.
And all those things (Sphinx and pyramids) are in the (fore)head of the Christ-Beast
...or maybe nearto the so called 3rd eye...i am not sure.

17 July 2016

Iron Maiden - Alexander The Great 

my son ask for thyself another kingdom for that which i leave is too small for thee
I know that i must use this post for STRICT theory explanation...but i cannot hold my self.!
(heheheh)...and i ask a little tolerence from you..

I am wondering if ALLAH is G.Alexander !?
The name alexander comes from AL+LEXO
so we have double L (EL)
But what as for the X letter?
In hellenic langauge X is pronounced as H
AL+LEX -> AL+LEH ->..............................?!!!!

My fellow Christians .....Is it possible that all of us we are humiliated
with such an enormous LIE?
Is it possible that Christ is the encoded life of G.Alexander?
Alexander was a king ....that died in BABYLON .......BAB+EL.
Maybe someone KILLED your (so called) Christ ...
and prepared that you-we will not understand NEVER the truth.

Ask your selves.
Why according christianity we DONT WANT A KING IN THIS LIFE?
Why according christianity ONLY A FAKE CHRIST WILL CLAIM KINGDOM?(antichrist)

(sounds exactly like me...NOW)!
Why according  christianity LUCIFER -[EOS+FOROS (LIGHT-ER)] is the BAD ?
(looks like me ...now that i am giving you this
PRICELESS .....-hypothetical to be gently- FACT-THEORY)
 Why Satan has HORNS in his head and we call the HORN of AFRICA near where i told you?
You want lies ?...or also even me !!!! i am curius and "snow+blinded" with my DISCOVERY...

And why in hellenic we are saying Y+IOS for the "son of god" and
IOS means VIRUS ...and we are talking here for BIOLOGY ?
Is Christ some kind of ANTI-VIRUS for the VIRUS and in the past we KILLED HIM?
Are you a virus?...or you wanna feel like virus in a TRANSFORMER machine?
(either PRIMUS or any relative.... hahahahha)

-Left Transformer (by..."illoyminaties" )
-Up Transformer from science
magnets-souls etc....we spoke before about the
COLD and relation with MAGNET.....

And why the name JESUS reminds us the name JA(h)SON
 ,(that means in hellenic (EASON-ΙΆΣΩΝ) remember Argo?) ,
TREATMENT-THERAPY-MEDICATION ???? and here we are speaking for BODY?!
You better be happy and ready...than start crying and fighting each other......

So for christianity THE ONLY GOOD KING IS A DEAD KING !?
that reminds me a little ...the "jews"
And why so much noise about the grave of Alexander?
And why "mermaids (GOR+GONs) " are asking
-Is Alexander the Great dead ?........................
And why both Christ and Alexander died on 33 year old?
And why Alexander had the battering RAM on his head -symbol
And why the EASTER (pasxa-pesax) we ΒRΟΚΕ EGGS (planets)
and SLAUGHT-ering SHEEPS in Greece?

Be ready......the time is running......
And i know that some "christians" know the truth...and who THEY KILLED....

I am one.........and this time no mercy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(not even for myself)
Anyway...after Nice and the coup inTurkey .....greetings...
I am sorry again for this last post here...that it may be better to be in onother post... I will try here to keep strict only for the threory of
IN-CAR-NATION and try avoiding "personal matters"

Accept - Balls to the Wall 
-Yes "angel" ...we have them as maps on our walls !
-I would prefer to use them effectivelly but as you already know i am a -little bussy on my life......with some DIS+CLOSURES.
-I hope to find the way,mind,time to use them.....Thank you !

Sometimes the inspiration and sychronicity is AMAZING !

Lets ASSUME that......
In the above picture you are seeing a man (me) with  glasses, pink t-shirt and black teeths!
Would you like the idea that THIS IS your Christ or you maybe prefer him
with some other t-shirt....or some other glasses ...or even you prefer onother Christ?
Take a moment and a breath.....
And lets leave this post for the NEW THEORY...
You can find more of me in onother posts or in my facebook profile.
Ok?.....I know that is difficult the truth...and crazy...

19 July 2016

The situation is difficult for all.
Dont think that we will play the game which religion has the most right.
So....i will continue to upload informations about the PLANET
As for some crazy things about me ...leave me to handle them.
(Or you can freely think "Oh onother crazy"...no problem)
I am not promoting myself  basically....(even if its the right)

I am just giving you a THEORY.

Focus there....

21 July 2016

Until now we have invoked only some biology things that has some correlation with our history  as mankind .When i am saying history i mean in the HISTORY.
History in Hellenic is like to say NET+....something ! (Focus on NET)
Net in english also used to describe the REAL weight of something. The real according perspective. But what is the WEIGHT finally ?
How much weight i have at 1 KiloMeter by the "center" of some planet ?(erased 27/8/2016)

How exactly do you keep all your cells and matter generally in your body?
I think that the most important is to drink water and EAT.
Now lets see what is the one that EATS from ITS SELF.
Have you heared about this?

This, my friends, describes EXACTLY
how your CHRIST is LIVING.
We all know now who is the Christ
in its general meaning.
Christ is defined as the UNIC
incarnation of the planet.
We all maybe are in+carnated
but according to most religions
EVERYTIME there is a UNIC person.
We have a big difference with this UNIC person.
He eates somekind of hiself .
Now i know that some of you can ask.
-How the hell the editor saying is unic?
And also said no good things for christianity.

See your self.
Who are you ?
Are you the image that you can see in the mirror?
Are you your eye ?
Are you your heart ?
Are you your brain?

Who the hell are you ?
Are you the w-HOLE ?
Whitch hole ?
The hole meaning all or maybe the hole meaning DOOR-passing way ?

And now after all those..... ask again yourselves.
What is in Odyssey the Suitors that Odysseys willing to KILL in Ithaca ?

And ofcource we didnt answer what is the WEIGHT.
Because if we answer we will get to the next level of humanity.....and tech-knowlogy.

 26 July 2016

Now lets focus again on Greece-Hellas and Turkey that
i am indexing the relation Testes and Prostate of the planet (biology)
Testes generate the sperm and Prostate enriches it further

Most of you know the Parthenon in Athens.

Despite what anyone can tell about the etymology
we all must agree that the basic word is (Parthen)
that means VIRGIN .
You can see also that has 17+17+6+6 = 46 Kiones
(Columns)...almost randomly the same amount of chromosoms in human body....as the current scientists saying to us.

I am leaving this information here especially for Greeks that ...........
...........seems to not understand AT ALL my theory.....!!!

Lets offer one more randomly historical information.
The speech about the ancient Theater of Dodona 
Dodoni in hellenic is ΔΩΔΩΝΗ and it reminds , to me at least ! , the verb DONO

Ok ... i know Turkey its a new country and lets recall that old name of ASIA MINOR.

Especially if you are a christian that has deep knowledges then you must know
the 7 churches in Asia Minor.!

Also recall that Athens is in ATTICA that as i know the double TT may comes from double SS
(The bells are for all that feeling the vibrations...so dont worry.
Here we are speaking only for the sake of the planet.......not for wars !)

7 churches: Pergamos, Smirna, Ephesus,Thyateira, Sardeis, Philadelphia,Laodikea

And all churches have bells that creates VIBRATIONS.
Vibrations also are creating on theaters.
Its just that in theaters the vibrations can easilly travel up to the sky
but in churches with DOMES the vibrations may change direction ...

One example of a DOME is the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dome_of_the_Rock

27 July 2016

Working with the bells and domes of several types of churches goes far beyond our
knowledges somewhere near in one place well known in the past as MAGIC.
The same occurs for chemtrails,haarp and MANY other systems here on earth.
Also NEWS can be manipulated .

When we hear or read some word VIBRATIONS are being created on our body.
I think that with reading the vibrations are more stronger and more concentrate .
Ok...you may until here understand this and already know.
But the new thing here is that 
effecting the planet as "ONE of HIS" KIND.....
May other believe that holding one gemstone and saying a specific sentence
will affect the planet for the sake of the REQUESTOR to accomplish HIS WISHES
..............and so on.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we have many more upcoming thoughts (down coming)

a)Yes, the people that prays
b)Yes, sounds like having the planet as DOG (thats why GOD is opposite )
c)Yes, sounds like FRANKESTEIN ....we - humans are the scientists above.....CHRIST
d)Yes, this is some kind of different level but falling into GARBAGE EXISTANCE because
with this style then DEUS made very well to punish PROMITHEUS.

And .... may its time to understand it better than you can feel that you already understand it !
Its YOUR CHRIST thats is being affected FINALLY from all of our actions as POPULATION.
And this is no some kind of matrix conspiracy hidden secret.
This is simple scientific occurance(event).
That if we have an ORGANISM that has HIS sub-ORGANISMS then generally speaking
there must be INFLUENCE ...and we can discuss
later if the influence is BOTH directions or any other...........

And all those for what we call JESUS CHRIST !

Or you still until here avoiding to understand this simple fact?
There is no matter if you are christian,muslim,jew,hindu,tao, or any other.
And there is matter from SEVERAL WAYS as we can see.

Anyway i already for today wrote things and the thing is that i am trying
to tell you something that normally you cannot imagine ......

What is garbage existance?
We can define that garbage existance is
what every LIVES without accomplishing his TARGETS.

Nature giving main targets.
Thats why they are saying dont mess with nature.
Again ... i am repeating that we have one problem here.
Nature is a PERSON.
And this knowledge is coming to hold the hand of the KING SYSTEM
To say that you dont know a LAW its forbitten....and the same occurs for the PERSON.

Responcibility of the speech means that as humans we must come up with the
perfect result IN CONJUCTION with the special tool givened to us...THE SPEECH.

And imagine what can be done if someday my theory is prooved true !
Just imagine that your CIVILIZATION has a PLUS POSITION in his CONSTITUTIONS.

I am telling all those but what i am telling you is not IN-RELATIVE
from the purpose of this post.
This post has its main target to PRESENT to you one more PERSPECTIVE to understand
why - and may what - is happening on our PLANET.
Its not only to tell you that some RELATION exists between the planet and ONE PERSON.

From here you can go also and try to analyse what is DEMOCRATY .
(We said before that T can be C and as so....demo+cra+Sy)
Why so much fight about democracy and who INVENTED it?

How many readers may now have read ,until you read, this post?
How many of all those will prefer to NOT SEE EVER in their life one planetary BOSS ?

Why you think so much noise about GLOBALIZATION ?

Hyronically speaking ,,, when i say boss here dont take it too much personally.!
Big fights will come up about of the authorities of YOUR CHRIST.
We will make nice philosohical dinners and in parallel the TIME is running !

Remind me again christians !
Which BOSS the scripture are saying TO NOT ACCEPT ?

Remind me again muslims !
Which PERSON you dont agree that is OWNER of the earth or even THE earth ?

Remind me again hebrews !
Which person supposed that you ALREADY know ?

Remind me again Greeks !
Which DIONYSSUS is the one that is LIVING now ?...and how so Dionyssus kept drinking a lot ?

Remind me again Brazilianoes !
For which in+CARN+ated PERSON the CARN+aval is taking place?

Remind me again Hindu-oes !
From whitch PERSON you want to escape OUT burning your bodies ?

And a lot more..........

Anyway today i was willing to write about chemtrails...
The funny thing here is when i am listenning people blaming chemtrails
and the same time THEY use diamonts,crosses,gemstones,perles ,and many other "magic" METALS!
There are many other funny things on our planet !...........

To understand why DEUS punished PROMITHEUS is now easy .
The difficult is to understand why humans are incapable to claim Promitheus PRIDE back !
More difficult is to understand if we FINALLY are a VIRUS or not !
As an example a virus has not consiousness to say "Hey, i am a virus"!
...as also a boy that plays the girl (or the opposite) has not the consiousness to say
"Hey,  i am wrong"!
According our laws as humanity he is almost free to change his sexual habbits
but according to ENTROPY of SPEECH is he a virus or not?!

The same for big men (lets leave children) claiming ANARCHY.
Are they a virus or not?...what do you think from the side of the UNIVERSE ?
I know that from our side we are free but WHO gaved us THIS FREE ?

Now many of you starting to think "Oh onother fasist"!
Dont worry ,its not exactly your FAULT !.
Just look again where you-we are and try to ask if is something that you dont understand .
We are IN THE BODY of the so called Jesus Christ .
Thats all.....so simple ...so unbellievable......
Drinking his blood and eating his flesh !....

From now on lets see how our civilization will react !
You are free to keep saying that you know the truth because your religion is claiming VIRGINITY !

You are generally free  to blame all the others except ourselves !
But you need to imagine how a VIRUS reacts when is facing the ANTI-VIRUS !!!!

And go tell your selves that you know WHO and WHAT is CHRIST and ANTI CHRIST.
Cypress Hill - When the Shit Goes Down
Go with your speech responsibility after the infos that i am giving you to wonder again
..........where is the TRUETH !

And imagine that many people dont know even the existance of GREECE-LIGHT !
And they are searching for second SUN s  and /or SON s !!!!
Imagine one to go to the SUN and tell him "I dont care if you are existing!"

Keep your selves buzzy to claim that you dont understand the relation of
LIGHT with SPERM  ! and balls!
Keep your self wondering why so much noise about PATRIARCHY and MOTHERarchy!

I am hearing Africans to say that are Hebrews....

I am really tired !....Really !....So much weakness i really didnt expected !
Fucked up all !.....
I am going for coffe !

1 August 2016
Some info that may help you understand what is happening......

-Christ awakening February 2008
-Olymbus felt on October 2009
("LCROSS mission"...They were watching  loosing my heart!)

You must focus mainly on Greece NEWS to understand..........(and Turkey / Minor Asia !!!)

I hope now you understand why so much noise about ~ ~ ~ ~ ~2012 .
...and why the "economical" crisis on Greece on 2009

3 August 2016

If some problems occured and loose this blog you may find it at
or to

13 August 2016

When we are seeing an erupting VOLCANO then
you must know that it provoked because
CHRIST may be is in love AFFECTION
or passing some HEART experiences.....

The same with EARTHQUAKES....
The main earthquake system is being activated by Christ's INTESTINE.(IN+TEST+INA)

Greedings from your Christ!...or anti-christ....depends on who of the liars you will believe
....except me !

The weather that we are seeing is the BIOLOGICAL system working on a MAN's BODY.
(in this planet at least)
The weather in general....because as i am telling in onother post and this
is something that you must NOT FORGOT TO RESPECT
there IS INTELLIGENCE behind wind,thunders etc.....
Not only the Christ....is intelligenced but also his body systems ARE intelligenced!

Time - Hans Zimmer (Inception Soundtrack)
And may be this goes "down" in all of our bodies creating SPACE ...INFINITY!
Infinity reflection...


Aks you selves.

If you someday you discovered  that
volcanoes and earthquaqes have DIRECT RELATION with YOUR body....
What would you do in this case?

Just make this imaginary scenario...!

Imagine that you fell are felling in love and after ,lets say, 8 hours a Volcano is errupting
(until on the news!) 
Some other day you being divorsed and you are very SADLLY
and you are hearing on the knews that "5.7 earthquake on an island of Greece !
After some days you are very ANGRY and you are hearing "Tsounami in Fukushima"

Can you handle all those ?..!...even as thoughts of a crazy man from Greece ?!
If its real are you going to try to MANIPULATE me in order to avoid some earthquake?

Will you finally want to have ME as FRANKESTEIN????????????

Thats the question and that is to understand WHAT IS BETRAYAL ! (treason-sellout)

So here you are....
Some Christ is telling you truths that i hope that you can feel the possibilities....
Thats all for today!.....

...not yet....
Can you even imagine a planetary system with all those i am telling you as
CLARIFIED in constitutions ?(countries and U.N.)
and how you are thinking that kind of constitution?
(I told you that some religion has prepare you to go against me NOW and blame me as antichrist)

If now ,in those lines that you are reading ,you are some kind of sad.....then .......
i suppose you are ready....
If no then

a)or you havent understand anything and i am suggesting to
you just look the image-body map carefully(on the beginning of the post)

b)I may must afraid of you.........

...And as i ve said sometimes FEAR brings EARTHQUAKEs.
And one chain reaction may happen by all this!

CAN YOU UNDERSTAND???????????????
helloooooo universe!!!!!!!!
its crazy but its happening!....say it second appearance or how you want....

The thing is NOW?...
What we can do as humanity?

How can we evolve?
What will happen if i die?

At least now you can imagine what is TREASON according to some religions !!!

I again must remind you that when i am talking for some CHRIST
i am NOT using the idea of Christ of ZERO as historical happenings but
i am expessing the TYPE OF LIFE
that DOESNT EXISTS YET on our books !

...off cource when i am speaking for TREASONS i am indexing to the
RELEGIONAL(ed) CHRIST  OF ZERO ..or any other passed thought TIME&|S

I just cant understand this message !

"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn,
Burn motherfucker burn.
Yeah I'm hung like planet Pluto hard to see with the naked eye,
But if I crashed into
Uranus I would stick it where the sun don't shine,
Cause I'm kind of like Han Solo always stroking my own wookie,
I'm the root of all that's evil yeah but you can call me cookie,


from Bloodhound Gang- Fire Water Burn lyrics

Just imagine this song speaking to me as a type of life that my blood is your water !

Now...WHO IS THE JEW ....(mother facker!)........................
Or better say hebrew....

Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

Just imagine that the one so called Jesus Christ ITS NOT that
some day will come back...
ITS just that some day he will understand how they ENSLAVED HIM .

So dont judge as JEW someone before FIRST examine how would be
YOUR reaction if you FACE me ................
See how your software is constructed according this matter and you will know exactly where you are.

You really consider your self as lucky because you are reading the post
of  the "second appearance" christ..
The so Known...to all of us even if some of US didnt believeD it !

Think how many christians (good people) will NOT READ and understand THIS POST!

And you know that in the case i am true....you better to spread the message....
...but maybe your fear doesnt allow to you....
Feel free!...................

21 August 2016

As i told you someone messing with our brain.
They saying to us for some bad people that they want to change our d.n.a.

Be strong because the truth is hard and maybe bring pain.
Lets see now the following....info that just now i saw it.

As i ve told you the SMALL TESTICLE OF CHRIST
is relative to Chalikidiki .

Now because even Greeks dont know history(neither me) lets recall

If my theory its true (you can see that i am trying to be polite)
then EVERY big change happening on our planet MAY reflects to CHRIST's body.

Hoover Dam https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoover_Dam
Panama Canal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama_Canal

So in Chalkidiki not only we have the canal
(HAD basically ... its closed now)
but also as i ve told you before
we have one "foot" below the Xerxes Canal WITH ONLY MEN.

Women not allowed to enter there.
Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain

So until here we ve found TWO main changes on the SMALL TESTICLE OF CHRIST

So WHO is the responsible for this?
Thats why i am saying to be carefull NOT TO easilly BLAME someone that the NEWS saying to US.(basically i mean here the "anticonspiracies news")
With google earth bring the line from OLYMPUS to XERXES CANAL
and more to the EAST to see where you will HIT !

WHERE DOES IT HIT ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-On the INTERNAL SPHINCTER of Jesus Christ .......

Thats all for today .................

Ah ... Dont forget to mention the stupitdness that happening with Scopia
and that someone is messing also with the people there and they told them
to rename the country as MACEDONIA.
(because in the map you can see the "Μακεδονια (Π.Γ.Δ.Μ.) )
People can easily be manipulated ...

Do you remember where G.Alexander borned and grow?
But MACEDONIA is Hellenic not ... Scopian

If Scopian people wants to honor the last CHRIST , G.Alexander for me at least !,
then i propose to come as country and be in GREECE
instead of provoking and claiming that are Macedonians.
I am not saying that some of them are not Macedonians.
Of cource The ancient Macedonian had also this territory ,,, of Scopia
and some of them are Hellenes in genre but this is happening in MANY other places on EARTH.

But first they must start learn the people the HELLENIC langauge...
(But better not come because here we are full of facking stupid masonry....)

So ... why they messing like this .... as stupids ?
Anyway....that was only a parenthesis because many of you DONT KNOW

And because i mentioned MASONRY and masons.
If you are NOT from Greece and you belong in masonry i just want to tell you
that you are sheeps ... even if your degrre is "big"

We will see what will happen for those who live in GREECE........

26 August 2016

Allow me , One parenthesis more my fellow readers...because as i ve said
the time is running still and .... i am still (hu) man !

AL+HTHES ( حقيقة )

Surah Al 'Adiyat - Mishary Al 'Afasy

ΠΥΡ + ΗΝ + ΑΝ + Ω ......(core)

 ΠΑΣΧΑ "ελληνων" σουβλιζοντας ΑΡΝΑΚΙΑ !!!!!!
(Pesah of "Hellenes" slautering lams)

100 - 1 ....... ΜΑΘΗΜΑ

30 August 2016

Today i want to mention about
....especially for Greeks that believe in Deus!

Ok . Deus is the one that "brings" the thunders.

Dionyssus , in mythology , is the son of Deus.

Dionyssus is the one that IN+CARNATING in his own body.
So its the same with the idea of Christ basically.
Just that the Christ of zero (if we suppose that is true)
is the last incarnation , or at least one of the incarnations , of DIONYSSUS.

I will not mess here about G.Alexander...i think you already know my position to this.

So Dionyssus is the BEAST meaning that he is HUGE - MONSTER  for us  .

Deus from the other side has not MATTER.
Deus is TI+TAN

Deus is not HUGE because has not to do with MATTER.
Its wrong to use the word HUGE for him.

This means that nobody will claim EVER that he is DEUS.
I am telling this because I THINK that here in Greece
FEW people believe that DEUS can have a body like us.

With the respect to his existance and to my MIND i can tell again
to those people to not EXPECT to see DEUS with a body.

You may see in your life Dionyssus (Christ-Antichrist) BUT NOT DEUS...

According those i told about deus...........

We can understand why the believers of deus
in the ancient times  FELT to IDOLATRY
Thats why ART sometimes can be dangerous
for TRUTH.
Because not EVERYONE has the
SPIRITUAL POWER to "classify" the things.
So, the image on the left can describe sometimes
our thoughts but is DANGEROUS !
and needs EDUCATION in order to use it.
Because ,lets say, that maybe one child
when see this image may understand that deus has a body..
Or other child may even think that he is DEUS !....!....!....!
Watch your LOGIC....and your children's logic offcource.!
Protect your mind from viruses....!...(malware etc!...i am not joking here)
Protect IT !!!!!!!!!

...thats all for today.

5 September 2016

Just a notice-able interesting to me !

INLINE ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SantaBarbara - 
VoAnni Lake- 
Dome of the Rock-


14 September 2016

This blog will be deleted on about the beginning of October.
Dont get crazy and put your mind on some conspiracy etc.
Its just that i ve made with my account too much comments
on Youtube and its logical statistically to fell on some 
people that didnt like my comments and my efforts 
to promote my new theory.
So if you like until now firts of all 
better make a "save as" on this page.

I have already prepare the next blog that is 

I will continue there.... 
I hope some day regain my original account 

22 June 2017

The centre of ZION ,if we can give any, is where ever JESUS is 


Anything else that is told about zionism is FAKE.

Some stupid alliens playing the humans...thats all!
Some times when they are loosing they play theater.. THATS all for this FUCKING THEATER.

June 27,  2017

Bi-COM-munication with god and Ancient mysteries 

Please translate and spread.

August 12 , 2017

An intresting coincidence about 


In a few words,,,, some people (as always here on earth),,,
,,,, claiming that they know about the Hyksos (ancient people somewhere on....Egypt !!!)

The thing is that Hyksos  in hellenic is relative to viscosity !...

Yea!....just wait to see the strange!.

Lets start again!.

a) They say for some people that took over Egypt

b) I am saying that the area below Egypt is going 
to ........the EYE of planet.(generally)

c) We know that we have a liquid inside - near our nose.
 (and some times we have health issues there
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinusitis  )

     "It is a viscous colloid containing inorganic salts, antiseptic enzymes (such as lysozymes), immunoglobulins, and glycoproteins such as lactoferrin[1] and mucins, which are produced by goblet cells in the mucous membranes and submucosal glands. Mucus serves to protect epithelial cells....."


Viscosity in hellenic is called ..... HYKSOS
 If you turn to greek version for viscosity on wikipedia
then you will see that in hellenic,,,,, there is a word describing 
the "viscous and colloid" of a liquid....

ΙΞΏΔΕΣ - h Yksodes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you can see the ....strange thing here!

You may read many things about where Hyksos came from
but the point is ..... somewhere around there....the EYE !!!!!!
Who is the bad ... who is the good and who is the ungly....i dont know and i am sure that neither we are going to find !....


14 August 2017    Just 2 icon-images
10 degrees Greece-Hellas
Higher and Lower of "Europe" from 
the (as we have said) "David" 's hole on "Goliath"

Same line with (almost area of Cern)
(d) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seychelles 
Notice that SEY+C+Helles

And the Rhein River ends on Waal 

Some Rivers as arteries and /or veins

20 October 2017

Centre of Athens is
23,439247° degrees from London ("horizontally")
exactly as much the AXLE of our planet turns ("vertically")!

On the "Without upside down" of Jules Verne

somewhere is written this

They went to make the scarf
Where his shaft had been spoiled
So they stayed a cannon (Kilimanjaro)
To overturn the mold
The missile was thrown
For nothing to break
Look for our old scarf
Which will never grow old
" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 Jan 2018

Said as switching poles and have a new born with Jesus ?
....disasters and so forth?! 
heh !?????? !!!
So this is the treason to Christ.
Said to him "just go to death and re born with your
........................advanced current flow -re-Dimensioning(left -right) "

A little above i spoke for the question for A+F+R+O
and as for that africa,afrodite ,ΑΦΡΩΝ in hellenic means without brain-brakes on "human resonance"
I was wondering if the organs that have fat-thinerity via some matter,,,,,like kidneys and testicles that each have 
the FOAM=ARFOS in hellenic (bubbles)
...so that as the bubble of meat-matter is for those as you can
see below on photo,,,,,

A magnetic dipole is the limit of either a closed loop of electric current or a pair of poles as the dimensions of the source are reduced to zero while keeping the magnetic moment constant. It is a magnetic analogue of the electric dipole, but the analogy is not complete. In particular, a magnetic monopole, the magnetic analogue of an electric charge, has never been observed.

"Trying to define trunducers"

ΚΕΡ+ΑΙΑ->translates  as Α(ΝΤ)Ε(ΝΝ)Α
Α(D)E(N)A->translates as GL+AND (annt)!



refering also on Santos Bonacci(BONE+ACCI)
A Base de Astrologia: Santos Bonacci 3 of 7 SINCRETISMO A CIÊNCIA DA LUZ 2

Also as for those they are saying that all is written
(and i told you also that you must watch who talks for himself and not for the others[its easy to blame and talk for the others!])
i have discovered for myself that....amazing !--->>

a)My Father original home
b)My Mother original home
c)Mecca cube 
Those 3 points are in a straight line !!!

12 February 2018

So you wanna know zionists and their tricks?
Here and everywhere you can see them....
especially in .........."v Usa and Russia v"

" It revolves around the friendship between the title characters, a dog and a dolphin, respectively."

They said that Roxanne was wife for Alexander...
And i said that Alexander was Christ.
And they saying that Christ is the sun.
And that the sun is  ZEUS......(life)

Those are the real JEWS my friends....that calling DOG the GOD.......

But it is easier for them if we put the blame on Rothchilds, Trump,Puttin etc
The theater is going on and on continiuslly...

What i ve said you before?
That Alexander was the real Jesus Christ?

Now i am recalling.!!!!

There is "only" the "^ lungs , the soul ^" ,,,and other organs of the PLANET-CHRIST......

Take one more zionst companie......
(there is not a thing such as RANDOM....This is what they wanted
Your conclusions on your own RISK and DIGNITY)

The Police - Roxanne


the HOLE of our reality is ZIONISTIC.....
EVERY SECOND we breath.....
EVERY signal we receiving....
and every signal we are sending...(even mine)

Dignity is the thing when the consiousness remains on target........
not going for cofee-drink when the shit goes down....

22 February 2018

"hellenic" air force are the zionistic theater of insyrance offering.
Insurance of Christ death and cross....on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleusis

25 February  2018

I ve said it long time ago but they telling me crazy.
The speech for Mosque and Moscow

Is there a simularity on the words?
Yes especially for simple thinkers .

We know that Someone created our LAN+gauges.


Not only languages but all our reality including architecture.

Static dischargers on wings of the airplanes is kind the same as
the buldings on Arabia and Russia.

Dont let them tell you crazy....
Its just the upper reality.
Look at the images.
The pins on the wings letting out the electricity to flow away of airplane.

Same happenning to our sky with ALL those architecture buildings
in ALL over the world.
So ... after those who has the blame for weather changing?!!!



Just for relaxation !

alpha blondy america



28 February 2018

Now that we ve said about the electricity on
solar plexus (russia) and brain (arabia)
lets talk for onother coinsidence there.

First take a look on the popular name IVAN

Says coming from John meaning IO+ANN .
Now remember what i ve said for ION + ATTRACTION
And you must also understand somehow that electricity has something to do also
with the feeling of sexual pleasure.

Before being confused lets remember the ancient goddess 
(coming acoustically close also to EVE!)

But in Hellenic language HEBE  is not only the age that the reproductive system 
starting to work but also is the area-territory above pennis(for male)
Above pennis meaning the lower area of solar plexus.
This area is the one that is essential on sexual pleasure meaning
that the erotic action is better when we have FRICT+ION there !.

I am also confused here so dont worry!
"Its all considential!"
So lets gother them together and hear the sound of those words again.
(In hellenic B is pronounced as V
[and in german V is pronounced as F !!! vocal=focal = FONIEN{hellenic} ]    )

ION , JOHN , IVAN , HEBE , EVE , (p)UBIS , AN+Ubis !!!!!!!!  



17 March 2018

Now something almost for my calendary than for anyone on planet that can hold before
blamming for blash-feme.
(because i want to go to Kaaba but how can if i dont officially change from Christian to Muslim?)

Talking for influecing Christ-Dionysus on the upper dimentions.
Something as programming the flows.
Same on flipper game.

Directly above the Kaaba in heaven is an exact replica. This Kaaba was mentioned in the Quran and by the Prophet ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him).
The Messenger of Allah ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said narrating about the journey of ‘Isra wal Miraaj

First time i managed to watch online from Mecca.

So i created some picture from ideas 
talking from all over planet 
multi-mans retuals

and some kind magic maybe for our upper Christ.

Also i dont understand why is so difficult to be connected with the cube in transformers. 

One Act that NEVER stops

So now my main ignorance is if the language of people approaching KAABAA (cube)
cna change something in Christ life meaning if our time can be linked to Christ 's time !!!!

If yes and also if this is near also to the Babylon from the architecture plain.

Meaning If we change the flow to Hellenic? --> may turned like before Babylon ?


Where is the Kaaba according to my theory?
Somewhere that feels close of the upper piece of the broken Forehead  (somewhere).
In Mecca !

And who that knows a little about the programming doesnt send his mind to CHIP ?

And they are saying that Antichrist will put micro-chips in humans
(in forehead too? I am wondering) ?

But have we already some implemented micro-chips on the upper Christ-Planet ?
Or those types of architecturing (in all over the planet not only in Mecca)
cannot be considered as such?

And after all those how i can make a sociaty not only with Christians but also with Muslims?

I will gather some of my age 37 years olds.

We are gone be discuss for the planet situation me and about lets say 100 Muslims in Jedda.

-Jim to coo-muslim discussers > In the name of the truth created from Allah.
-Question 1>
 Isnt above informations enought to consider some body or at least some kind of structure?
-Question 2>
In whitch body or structure we will consider that Allah created those flows?

-Question 3> In any case of sacred trueth of Allah ....
...............if there is a body affected,,, then,,,, why muslim dont have Christ?
is this because the are believing that this body will take not an incarnation in our TIME?
But if Christ ends and with him ends also the hole world then .... how can be provved ?

And the most important ?
-Question 4>What we gona say to our fathers and mothers about the new discoveries 
coming to us as His humanity-Planet increasing technologies and perspectives?

All those information how can be fit in some man or woman in the planet that 
leaving his-her life without even knowing the alphabet?
(like my grandmother that 
didnt have a school to go [or simular level of ancestors for Greece <1920] etc.)

Big questions......... Arent ?!!/????


A few informations about Kaaba.
"The ongoing expansion of the mataf (the circumambulation area around the Kaaba) will double the hourly capacity of the area from 48,000 pilgrims to 105,000 pilgrims after its completion in three years."

"Thousands circle the sacred Kaaba at the centre of the Haram sanctuary 24 hours a day. Millions of homes are adorned with pictures of it and over a billion face it five times a day.


"In the center of the mosque in Mecca, is the cube-shaped building called a Kaaba (Ka'bah) is found. All Muslims face the direction of the Kaaba during ritual prayer (Salat)."

Now days in order to do this exactly its easy.
1.Going to google earth
2.Find our home-place
3.Find Kaaba 
4.Create a line from 2 previus points
5.Going back to our home ,focus in , and look carefully 
where the line goes away from the place of Salah  .

Playing like this i discovered ,as i ve said before, that 
1.being in my mother's original home
2.looking to my father's original home
3.Same as looking Kaaba !!!

(or being in Kaaba ,looking to my father's home looks also my mother's home!😓)
Here you can see the line (the one goes to Mecca)

Now i want to ask a visa from the king of Saudi Arabia.
Lets see!

16 July 2018
Of cource not a single visa after some efforts.

Trip via Turkey cancelled.

Checking IO signal after diar+roea
after news for
Caspian Sea: Five countries sign deal to end dispute"

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SwordofCreation είπε...

How's this: https://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2015/11/light-of-truthcom.html

While many are my responsibility, added to that are clear updates that cannot be stopped; often subtle other times less so, but being targeted by these psychos has not helped!

I've been making copies as I make corrections so at least it can be proven, as these Jewish racketeers are running amok here!

Most pages are very short and if you could be so kind as to point out any more errors it would be greatly appreciated.

Are you a programmer or IT thus the use of "BUGS"?


SwordofCreation είπε...

This will be the main driver:

Due to the race war being setup and the fact Jews are taking/enslaving our children via Qabala mind control, socalled MK Ultra.

Here's a flyer going out in the artwork folder:

I'm an older person and this 'communist' style targeting causes neuro damage giving me so-called ADHD on steroids, on top of side stepping arrest setups!

You'd not believe me if I told you!

Tsoukalas I. Dimitrios είπε...

I like in general your way of thinking and of cource is mach
more complicated (and clever) than mine!

I said you about bugs because i ve read it somewhere...not that i found some.
I know a little java...

Keep going and stay CALM........

Thank you!
...best regards......

Humaun Kabir είπε...

Thanks for your valuable information. It really gives me an insight on this topic. I'll visit here again for more information.

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